Most Visited Temple in Bali

If you come to Bali you have to see surround area in Bali there are much temple. Every family in Bali has one  temple in their house it’s call “Merajan” or “Sanggah”. So Bali is “The Island of The Thousand Temple”. There are several temple has a good architecture of Bali and the history of… Continue reading Most Visited Temple in Bali

Unique Paradise Marine Park in Flores

17 Riung Islands Marine Park, which extends from Toro Padang in the west to the island Pangsar in the east, of various sizes, but all almost uninhabited. The main islands: Pulau Ontoloe (the largest), the island of Pau, the island Borong, Pulau Dua, Pulau Kolong, island Lainjawa, Pulau Besar, Pulau Halima (island Nani), the island of… Continue reading Unique Paradise Marine Park in Flores