Jimbaran Bay -Stunning Seafood Dinner

Enjoying the Sensation between  Beautiful Sunset and Delicious Seafood in Jimbaran Bay Jimbaran Bay is one of the most visited beaches in Bali. It is located just south of Ngurah Rai International Airport, approximately 10 to 15 minutes drive to reach the bay. Jimbaran itself is a small town in South Kuta, well known as… Continue reading Jimbaran Bay -Stunning Seafood Dinner

Visit The Historic Temple in South of Bali

Hello traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. Bali is well known with island of thousand temples. Temple is a holy place to Hindus that functioned as a place to worship The God with all manifestation. Temple in Bali is purified, but still can be visited by tourists to see the beauty of temple itself.… Continue reading Visit The Historic Temple in South of Bali

The Gorgeous Traditional Cloth from Indonesia

Hello, hope you have wonderful day! Well today I would like to tell about the one of unique art and culture come from Indonesia. As we know Indonesia has much the unique thing can interest the tourist to come to Indonesia. Except the beautiful nature and the friendly people of Indonesia, Indonesia has the traditional… Continue reading The Gorgeous Traditional Cloth from Indonesia

Indonesian Heritage Musical Instrument

Hello, hope you have a nice day! Well today I would like to tell the unique tradition of art come from Bali. Before that, let me tell about the bamboo tree. Bamboo tree is the one of tree who has much function to help our life, such as for make our garden more beautiful and… Continue reading Indonesian Heritage Musical Instrument

Old Vehicle That Still Exists

Day to day the public needed is more increase. Like the daily needed, food, drink, and also the efficient of all about. Nowadays, people tend to choose the usage of things that are more practical, fast (no time wasting) and cheap. This is also true for the means of transportation that they use. Streets are… Continue reading Old Vehicle That Still Exists