Melasti Beach, Ungasan

South Bali area mostly has a beach tourist attraction with white sand. There are already some of famous white sand beaches such as Pandawa Beach that become one of the famous beach in Bali, especially during the holiday season. Similar to the Pandawa beach, that located under the cliffs and the access to go there is also passing the cliffs, make Melasti Beach in Ungasan as an alternative vacation spot of white sand beaches, which has the beauty and uniqueness like the Pandawa Beach.

Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan village, South Kuta district, Badung regency, Bali, and formerly categorized as one of the hidden beaches in the southern part of Bali, because of the beach location is behind or under the cliff hills. The main attraction of Melasti Beach Ungasan is on the access to the beach location. You will be passing the tortuous derivative pathroad above the high white cliffs to go down to the location of the beach, just like in Pandawa beach.

Before the good access to Melasti Beach was built like today, peoples are very difficult to visit this beach. But don’t worry, now the road to go to Melasti Beach can be easily accessed by motorcycle or car. And when you pass the road above the cliff, you can see the beauty ocean view of Melasti Beach.

For now, the tourists that visit Melasti Beach are not too crowded. Well if you like a holiday to the clean white sand beach and not crowded, this beach is the good choice. Because if the construction of the infrastructure there has been completed, Melasti Beach will definitely be crowded with tourists.


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