Banjar Hot Spring

Relax While Soaking in Hot Spring

If you want to relaxing your mind and body, you should try to soak in Banjar Hot Spring. Banjar Hot Spring is one of the famous hot springs in Bali. This Hot Spring comes from nature, so it’s good for your body health. Banjar Hot Spring located in Banjar Village, Buleleng Regency. It’s about 24 kilometers from Singaraja city.

This hot spring is sourced from nature and the waters contain sulfur that believed by peoples to heal various skin diseases. Most of the peoples come again to visit this hot spring to heal some diseases, and also because of its water purity. The environtment around this hot spring still beautiful and unexploited.

The hot spring pools divided into 3 spots with different high water level. The hot spring in the first pool flowed through eight of dragon mouth showers. While in the second pool, the hot spring flowed through five of dragon mouth showers. In the third pool, you have to be join another visitors that queuing to enjoy three water showers which flowed from 3,5m high. The visitors like to be on the third pool because of the height of those shower on the third pool make your body is like being massage. The depth of each pool is average of 1m.

If you are interested to try soaking in Banjar Hot Spring, you can contact the local travel company to arrange it. We recommend you to contact Bali Star Island as a reliable travel company in Bali.


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