Tasty Snack from Bali for Tea or Coffee Mate

Hello from Bali travelers! Hope you have a wonderful day. Today I would like to talk about one of cuisine from Bali. Before that let me tell a little bit about Bali Island. Bali has so many unique and interesting things, beautiful panorama of the nature and the unique culture and tradition. Not only for the beauty of nature such as the beaches, mountains, lakes, and many other. Bali also has many typical foods which has a good taste too. Many tourists have not explored yet about Balinese typical foods. Well, here is it!

Bali has many delicious tradition foods. The most variety of food and sweets, or (Jaje Bali) in the Balinese language, are usually served at a variety of temple ceremonies or another celebrations. Delicious and colorful sweets become wonderful treats for guests at any family gathering. One of the most Laklak is traditional snacks is made from sticky rice flour which is famous as Balinese Pancake. Balinese people usually make it with two different colors but it has the same taste. Laklak is a good tea or coffee mate as well as a snack for offering. It is served fresh in the morning with the shredded coconut and palm brown sugar sprinkled over the laklak. Usually, Laklak is served with hot tea.


How to make it? Laklak is made from sticky rice flour. That flour is mixed with water and a bit salt to create dough. If you want to make white Laklak, the dough batter can be cooked immediately. But, if you want to make green Laklak you need to add special ingredient. Balinese people use the extract of Suji leaves to get green color of laklak. After finished with the dough, laklak should be cooked (baked) with a small traditional wooden furnace.

Well, if you’re on vacation in Bali and you want to taste this snack, most traditional market in Bali are sell this tasty snack. The price is also cheap but delicious. So hope you enjoy the information and Happy Holiday!


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