Best Place to Taste the Traditional Mixed Rice in Bali

On vacation to the Bali Island is less complete if missing the opportunity to taste the typical cuisine of his restaurant or diner. One of the typical culinary from the Island of the Gods is Rice Mix. Mixed rice is actually very similar to the home menu. Usually in one complete package consisting of mixed rice White Rice, Sate Lilit Bali, Pepes chicken, chicken Lawar, plecing Swamp Cabbage, Boiled Egg, and include fried peanuts. Here are three recommendations restaurants in Bali can taste typical Balinese Mixed Rice. Please enjoy!

  • Mixed rice Wardani

Wardani stalls at Jalan Yudhistira 2 Denpasar. Wardani stalls can be quite famous “Nasi” rice interference among tourists visiting Bali. In addition to selling Mixed Rice, Warung Wardani also provide various kinds of soup like chicken soup and tripe soup, gado-gado, and rice curry. But for a favorite menu remains Mixed Rice.

One serving of Mixed Rice can be sampled at a price of IDR 35,000. In one portion Mixed Warung Nasi Wardani consists of white rice and a variety of side dishes such as fried shrimp, beef jerky, beef satay, shredded chicken, egg flavor Bali sauce, sauteed vegetables and beans. For drinks Warung Wardani provide coconut ice, syrup, and others.

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  • Mixed Rice Warung Pojok

Where to eat more delicious mix rice is “Nasi Campur” Mixed rice Warung Pojok. Warung Pojok was originally opened its stores at Jl. Kartini No. 22, Denpasar. Simple stall, located on the edge of the highway, making Warung Pojok is only able to accommodate about 25 diners with a fairly narrow parking space. The buyers who come are usually bought to take home or a message in a considerable amount.


There are two types of mix rice at Warung Pojok, namely “Nasi Ayam” chicken rice and “Nasi Campur Sapi” mixes rice with beef. Often visitor asks for mixing the two types of mixed rice. Perhaps more pronounce of the mixes time yes! One serving of Mix Rice in Warung Pojok consists of white rice, vegetable soup without the broth, shredded chicken, fried chicken skin, beef satay, fried lungs, shredded jerked and “sambal” or sauce. For drinks can order a variety of juices and drinks stalls in general.


Uniquely price per portion is priced differently for men and women. For example a serving for women was given a price of IDR 25,000 and servings for men in the given price of IDR 30,000. The portion sizes are larger than the portion of men women would. Corner Shop 2 is now open another branch in Jalan Setiabudi and A. Yani, Denpasar.

  • Mixed Rice Men Weti

Mixed Rice Men Weti often called rice Mixed Bu Weti Sanur, located on Jl. Segara Ayu, Sanur or near Sanur Segara Beach. It is said that Rice also called Mixed legendary and became a hawker mandatory when visiting the Sanur beach. Naturally say legendary because to be able to taste this Weti Bu Mixed Rice suggested come in the morning, because it is usually a long queue already outstanding.

Mix rice Bu Weti offers several choices of side dishes are certainly tempting. Call it Betutu Ayam, Sate Lilit, “Sambal” sauce Tomato Eggs, Jukut Urap, Pindang Fish Seasoning, Spicy Seasoning Sweet Leaf, Peanut Fried, Fried Chicken Skin, and do not miss Sambal Matah Balinese. Price complete a portion of Nasi Mixed Men’s Weti enough Rp 15,000 only.

Well, to taste this mixed rice in Sanur ready to get up early and wait queue is strongly recommended. Please visit the Rice Mixed Men Weti which is open every hour 06:00 to 14:00.

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Well, there is some food traditional stall in Bali, if you’re the traveler who loves the traditional cuisine from Bali, the above food stall of mix rice you have to be visit if you’re on vacation in Bali. Happy holiday!



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