Visit Temple in Bali with Thousands Bats Inside

Hey Guys, Hello from Bali Traveler! Well hope you have a wonderful day. For you who love vacation or you’re the traveler who wanted the best destination for your holiday? Bali! Bali is the one of favorite tourist destination for tourist around the world. Bali has beautiful scenery of nature and friendly Balinese people. Except that in Bali there are also best destination for learn more about nature and the environment and the beautiful temple you can visit. Here today I would like to inform to you one of the unique temple in Bali.

Bali is well known with island of thousand temples. Temple is a holy place to Hindus that functioned as a place to worship The God with all manifestation. Temple in Bali is purified, but still can be visited by tourists to see the beauty of temple itself. The purpose of those tourists in addition to enjoy the fascinating reliefs on the wall, tourists are also interested because of temple has its uniqueness that another places did not have it.


One of temples in Bali is Goa Lawang Temple in Klungkung. Where there is a cave with so many bats living inside. Word of “Lawah” was derived from Balinese Language, the meaning is bat. So, Goa Lawah means a cave inhabited by bats. Goa Lawah Temple located in Pasinggahan Village, Dawan District, Klungkung Regency, Bali. The uniqueness of this temple is there is a cave at its main part of the Temple. Not only an empty cave, but this is an uninhabited cave. The habitant are the bats that hanging inside the cave. Surrounding people believes that the bats in this temple are sacred. Even if there is someone who disturb them or kill them there will be a disaster occurred.


Right at the mount of this cave, there are so many kinds of shrines that the worship is dedicated to God of the seas as a manifestation from God. While you are at the mouth of this cave, you will hear thousands voices of the bats like they are singing inside. Because there are so much bats living inside this cave, so that is make the cave so stinky. But even so, all of the beauty in this temple make people want to see and explore more about Goa Lawah,

Right in front of Goa Lawah temple, there is a big road towards Klungkung-Amlapura. At the opposite there is a spacious ocean with beach line that stretch the spare. At the edge we will find various mini shops that lining along this road, Goa Lawah Temple had experienced a renovation at the part of cave mounth. But before it held, there is a big ceremony so the renovation wil run well. Magically, after the ceremony was held, the bats that used to hanging up on the cave were disappearing.

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