City Tour of Semarapura Learn and Knowing more about Bali

Hello Traveler! Hope you have a wonderful day. Good news for traveler who love the historical place to visit or the traditional activities of local people in Bali, here in Bali the launching the new product of tour is the Semarapura City Tour. Well, Bali is one of the tourist destinations who have the beautiful scnery of nature and good panorama, the unique tradition and culture also find in Bali Island. The historical building and the traditional activities of Balinese people are interact tourist to come to Bali. Here today I would like to inform you one of new product tour in Bali. Here is it!

 City tour? City Tour is the favorite tour in the tourist destination to knowing more about that city. Bali famous by the capital city of Bali is Denpasar. Denpasar city tour is favorites by foreigner tourist to spend their holiday to learn and know more about the city and the historical building in Bali. Well, the new city tour in Bali is Semarapura City Tour. Semarapura or Klungkung is the one of Regency in Bali, located in East of Bali Island. If you’re the traveler who ever visit the Kerta Gosa or the Struggle Monument of Klungkung the tour is completed with that tourist attraction.

Kerta Gosa is the building to judging in the past Kingdom of Klungkung. There are some building in Kerta Gosa, such as Bale Kambang, the Kori Agung and the Museum. In Bale Kambang you can see the marvelous painting of Balinese style call Kamasan stye. The paintings tell the story of our world with the 3 different levels of life in Hindu’s Religion believes. The Kamasan painting is the oldest painting in Bali, Kamasan painting with the unique thing interact tourist especially the artist tourist. In Kerta Gosa you can also find the museum of art and culture of Bali.

Except vacation to Kerta Gosa, the tourist continues to the Puri Agung Klungkung to see the beautiful Balinese architecture of building, and then continue to sightseeing to the traditional art market and get some souvenir.

Well, prepare yourself to enjoy the Semarapura City Tour on next holiday. I suggest and believe the city tour is giving you different experience during vacation in Bali. Happy Holiday!



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