Good News for Foreign Traveler in Bali

Hello traveler! Hope you have a nice day. Today I would like to inform to you all traveler the good news from the Indonesia especially Bali. Before that we know many tourists come to Bali and not also the high classes of tourist come to Bali, there are also much of backpacker tourist come to Bali. Most of backpacker tourist is going to the tourist attraction use by motorbike. There is much motorbike rental in Bali; in chase most tourists can rent the bike during holiday in Bali. And the bad thing is sometimes the tourist get accident on the road. Well here is the good information for you traveler to get compensation from the Jasa Raharja the Insurance company in Indonesia.

As the head of Jasa Raharja in Bali DR. Ir Sulistianingtias MM AAI-K CRMP says “the foreign tourist who vacation in Bali, most of them use motorbike to travel Bali area and sometimes get accident” as that for foreigner who’s get the accident during ride motorbike in Bali can get the compensation from Jasa Raharja.

To get the compensation foreign tourist just shows their passport and the certificate of accident from the police. For the information, the Jasa Raharja also makes relation to some hospital in Bali to get information about foreign tourist who gets accident during ride in Bali. The compensation maximum for accident is IDR 11 million for wounds and IDR 25 million for died. To get that that jus simple just following terms and the conditions like:

  • Passport or Identity Card
  • The bill from the hospital
  • The certificate from the police

For the conditions to get the compensation is

  • The accident isn’t the single accident or the mistake from the rider
  • The rider is drunk and get accident

As we know the traffic in Indonesia especially in Bali is crowded, so please be careful during ride. To get safety please always use the helmet to protect your head and always obey the sign of the road. Safety is first!

Happy holiday to you all traveler! See ya.


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