The Luxury Tropical Garden Hotel in Ubud

Hello! Hope you have a wonderful day. Great day for tell about experience during holiday in Bali. Besides the marvelous beaches and the beautiful scenery of panorama, Bali has many attraction or tourist destination. For the nature Bali has one of the best in the world and for the accommodation as many type and has the unique thing also. The combination of the luxury accommodation and the marvelous nature is making the tourist come and enjoy stay and spend holiday in Bali. Today I would like to inform you one of the best luxury resorts in Bali. The situated in the village and has good panorama and good weather. Well here is it!

Ubud is also famous by tourist around the world. Ubud has the unique thing make the tourist will coming back to Ubud. Ubud are village with the nature and the good weather for stay. Here is the one of luxury accommodation in Ubud. Uma by COMO, Ubud is a luxury central Bali hotel. The contemporary Asian design of 46 rooms, suites and villas are relaxed, sunshine filled spaces. The luxury service and the spa treatment you can enjoy.

All 46 rooms and suites at luxury Bali hotel exude the charm of a traditional Indonesian village. For all room are providing by beautiful landscaped courtyards to valley to infinity edged plunge pools. The fresh air for original spirit that feels comport and relax. Entirely residential in feeling, Uma Ubud has the atmosphere of a rural hillside home. Narrow paths defined by tall, lushly planted walls lead between rooms and suites, each of which has their own tropical garden. Large windows and indigenous materials both inside and out bring the natural landscape in, from the amply sized bedrooms and black-and-white bathrooms to the landscaped courtyards and infinity edged plunge pools.

Spend your holiday in Ubud is the best choice and try to relaxing yourself to stay in luxury accommodation with the good atmosphere and best view. See you in Bali!


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