Story of Eternal Struggle

Bali is the island of the unique tradition. The tradition and the culture are related to the Hindu’s religion. The culture and tradition attract many tourists to come to Bali. One of the unique tradition and culture you can enjoy is the Barong and Rangda. Here is it!

Barong and Rangda already know in pre-Hindu. Barong is a symbol of goodness while Rangda is a symbol of wickedness. The realization of the Barong form is a quadruped resembling a lion and Rangda is a scary form of pointed fangs in her mouth. This legend begins from the curse that given to beautiful queen named Ratih. The reason Ratih is cursed because Ratih always envied to others and had many other vices. So she was cursed to be a very frightening creature with two pointed fangs in her mouth, long hair dangling to the ground, big eyes and stared, also long nails in every finger. To bring back the original form (beautiful queen), she had to kill Sahadewa (son of Goddess Kunti). When doing this, Ratih accompanied by one of her students named Kalika. But in the end, Ratih was lost and apologize to Sahadewa, and Sahadewa accepted her apology. After knowing that Ratih is defeated, her student Kalika wants to avenge the defeat. With confidence, Kalika comes to Sahadewa because he thinks he was already stronger than before.

In this fight, on several time, Kalika changes his form. First, he turns into a very great boar, but it can defeat by Sahadewa. With his remaining strength, Kalika transform again becomes a big crow. It was useless, Sahadewa still unbeaten. Finally, Kalika can not take it anymore and use his full power. He changed into Rangda form. Because of its strength, Sahadewa becomes compilated to beat it. For winning the fight, Sahadewa transforms into Barong. They continue to fight relentlessly, until one of them dead. But, because of their strength are balance, then nothing is lost or won. So this became an eternal fight. This legend has taught us that the evil things against the good things are the eternal struggle in every human life. Where their bad things, there will be a real thing that certainly against it.


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