Old Vehicle That Still Exists

Day to day the public needed is more increase. Like the daily needed, food, drink, and also the efficient of all about. Nowadays, people tend to choose the usage of things that are more practical, fast (no time wasting) and cheap. This is also true for the means of transportation that they use. Streets are now crowded with cars, buses, and motorbikes. The small town is getting crowded from time to time. Most of the citizens use cars and motorbikes as their vehicles. However, if go to the vacation in Bali there some vehicles you can choose to escort you to the destination. However, one of the traditional transportation you can choose during your trip in Bali. Here is it!

Dokar is a two wheels cart pulled by a horse. The capacity of the passengers is maximum five (small) persons.  In the past, the dokar was traditional transportation that was very popular among the students, teachers, lecturers, even the rich and the nobles liked to get on this vehicle. It was because there was no mechanized transportation. The cabman of the dokar needs special abilities because not all people can control the running horse so the horse willing to follow the instruction and go wherever the cabman wants. There is also special relationship between the horse and the cabman.

Well, today the dokar uses for tourist to around the city or going somewhere. Dokar is the unique transportation tourist can choose. In Bali there are some village still us the dokar for transportation like in Singaraja Regency, Badung and also Denpasar city. Most cabman are handling tourist to city tour in Denpasar to going to Badjra Sandhi Museum, Badung Market, Bali Museum and the other place around Denpasar city. Use dokar to around the Denpasar city is the best experience during your holiday in Bali.  Yeah, sometime if  there are traffic that actually happens in big city like Denpasar.


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