Horrendous Events in Coastal of Bali

Rare event in Bali at 14/03/2016 one of big mammal in the ocean are beached. The Sperm Whale stranding attracted the attention of various parties. The sperm whale was found by the people in Batu Tumpeng beach, Gelgel region, Klungkung regency. It is for the second time there is a whale stranded in the region Gelgel.

Previously, or about 20 years, the pope also had stranded and died in Batu Tumpeng. It’s been a long time, the last whale stranded here about 20 years ago. It is a common natural phenomenon, and we bury that in the scale smelly whale carcass did not disturb the environment. The whale was 16 meters long and has 5 meter diameters.

In Bali the events of the strandings is commonly called “ulam agung” or the great fish. This is a sign of the blessing of god Baruna to the people around. Baruna God is the God of Ocean in Hindu’s in Bali believes. Most people of Klungkung regency come to Batu Tumpeng beach to see this big mammal of the ocean. Balinese people believe the whale meat can be used for medicinal drugs such as itching and abdominal pain. Beside that the Sperm Whale body was buried by excavators.

However, it also denies the strandings events are associated with the signs of nature or disaster will occur. In addition to the Batu Tumpeng, Head of Department of Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Klungkung, I Gusti Ngurah Badiwangsa, also received reports of a whale stranded in Sampalan Beach, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Monday 14/03/2016

But there are smaller whale than beached whale in Batu Timpeng beach with a length of only two meters. The type of pilot whales stranded in front of the NOA (Water Conservation Area) Nusa Penida. After inspection, the pilot whales unknown sex male with a diameter of 1.2 meters, 2.33 meters long, 37 cm wide front fin and tail fin width of 49 cm.

The whales are found already dead, after the meat and teeth samples were taken, the whale was buried by people in there because of the smell of dead whale body. According to the Head of Empowerment and Preservation BPSPL Denpasar Regional East Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara, Achmad Djaelani, said almost every month BPSPL Denpasar find mammals stranded in Bali, especially in southern Bali.

Based recaps BPSPL Denpasar since 2010 until 2014, there were 18 mammals that whales and dolphins are found in coastal areas of the sea in Bali. Meanwhile, according to preliminary data in 2015, BPSPL Denpasar findings recorded as many as 12 whales and dolphins. Mammals are dumped into the sea coast; it is not always switched off. When mammals are found alive, BPSPL will send a vet to treat it

Well, hope you enjoy the information. Have a good day!


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