Delicious Culinary in Sanur, Bali with Low Prices

Tourist attractions in Sanur Bali, for some people who had a holiday to Bali may not sound familiar, because the tourist attractions in Sanur Bali has one of the beautiful beaches in Bali that are well known from before tourists know Bali’s Kuta beach. This is proven by the five-star hotel was first established in Bali which is located near Sanur beach Bali Beach hotel named or now named Ina Grand Bali Beach. The beauty of Sanur beach with a view of the sunrise, fine white sand and calm waves are in great demand by foreign tourists and domestic tourists, to just sit back on the seaside or swimming with the family.

In addition to beaches, tourist attractions Sanur Bali are also famous Balinese culinary menu. One of the places to eat in Sanur Bali which provides a menu of Balinese is mixed rice shop Men Weti. Men Weti food stalls only provides Balinese rice Mix consisting of several side dishes and vegetables are becoming typical Balinese food.

A serving of rice mix consists of a plate of white rice plus several side dishes and vegetables are:

  • Vegetable ointment Bali which is made from sprouts, leaves of cassava, beans boiled coupled with grated coconuts, Bali spices, fried onions, fried shrimp and lime juice.
  • Betutu shredded chicken, made with chicken added spice blend in Bali, bay leaves, lemon grass, wrapped in a banana leaf, then steamed and baked to get the final aroma and flavor.
  • Boiled tomato sauce, the menu is made from fish cob boiled then fried and seasoned tomato sauce typical of Bali.
  • Matah sauce, which is made of red onion slices, sliced ​​peppers, mixed with coconut oil and shrimp paste, and added lime juice.
  • Boiled eggs boiled in the season with tomato sauce.
  • Crispy skin chicken and fried peanuts, which give a sense of when you enjoy crisp rice mix Men Weti.

The price of food in the stalls Men Weti very affordable, you just spent Rp 18,000 for one portion of rice mixed with a glass of iced tea plus. Very cheap is not it?

Certainly at a low price does not reduce the delights of Balinese food in the stalls Men Weti. The location of the diner Men Weti adjacent to Bali’s Sanur beach, approximately 50 meters from the beach Sanur. To find the location of mixed rice stall Men Weti if you come from the city of Denpasar, Sanur Mcdonald drives through straight towards the eastern direction of the beach.

Before getting into the area of ​​Sanur, you will find small stalls where still very simple, but a lot of visitors who want to taste typical dishes lined Bali in this shop. Address precisely on Jalan Segara Ayu Sanur Bali. Surely it would be easier for you to find the location of Bali rice shop Men Weti if it can see the map. To that end, please click the following link to view a map of the location of Bali rice shop Men Weti on Google map. Men Weti mixed rice shop is open from 07.00 am and close around 14:00 hours, but sometimes open only until 12.00, because food stocks are already depleted. Usually the Balinese culinary tourism lovers who want to enjoy mixed rice Weti Men, have to queue up to 30 minutes to be able to feel the delights of Bali rice stall Men Weti.

If I personally say well, it will be subjective, but if every day the queue of buyers is always crowded, so it was enough to convince you, delicious taste of chicken rice mix Men Weti.


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