Unique Paradise Marine Park in Flores

17 Riung Islands Marine Park, which extends from Toro Padang in the west to the island Pangsar in the east, of various sizes, but all almost uninhabited. The main islands: Pulau Ontoloe (the largest), the island of Pau, the island Borong, Pulau Dua, Pulau Kolong, island Lainjawa, Pulau Besar, Pulau Halima (island Nani), the island of Patta, island Rutong, island table, island Bampa (Island Tampa island or song), Pulau Tiga (Long Island), Pulua Copper, Taor island, islands and island Sui Wire.

Located on the northern coast of the island of Flores in the district Ngada is an archipelago that forms, Paradisiacal unique marine park, called the 17 Islands Marine Park Riung. This cluster of islands where the water is rich in biodiversity, white sandy beaches and clear blue water where you can dive and swim among colorful and diverse coral. The park itself is located directly behind the dock was quiet in the small town of Riung, where a dozen fishing boats tied Bajo, Although called the 17 Islands Marine Park Riung. Ruing Marine Park is actually there are 24 small islands are beautiful. However, the name “seventeen” is given to the group as a sacred reminder for Indonesia’s Independence Day, which falls on August 17, 1945. The Riung Park, which is located in District Riung, covering five villages of Sambinasi, Nangamese, Central Fortress, Tadho and Lengkosambi.

Besides the sea adventure to be had, on land also to explore the jungle, inhabited by exotic species such as Timor deer, Mbou lizard and various types of marsupials. There are also a wide variety of rare birds that make this a great place for bird watching. Here you will see eagles, bluwok, white herons, parrots, cuckoos, black storks and bats, and the yellow-breasted parakeet.

In 1995, Ngada in Ngada, are in the list of UNESCO as a world cultural heritage tentative because people are unique and distinctive. Here you will not cease to be amazed.

pulau riung 6

Most Riung still quite hidden from the tourist crowds, partly because of its remote location and challenging journey to reach this goal. You’ll often see tourists walk topless through this small town; enjoy the sun and tranquility of it all. This is far from the hometown of their seasonal, that they may have left to escape the freezing winter. One of the most popular attractions, which is well-known islands are ‘Sea Rose’, an underwater well-known phenomenon, which can be seen around some of the islands. Below the ocean surface you will find a cluster of sea mesmerizingly rose waving in the current. This is actually a collection of giant egg of the sea hare, bound by a membrane, together forming a red rose petals red like a giant wave in the ocean.


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