The Beauty That Can Be Found in NTT

Although Komodo Island is better known name, but not a few tourists who visit the island of Rinca. The reason other than the distance from Labuan Bajo closer and Komodo dragon populations on the island is also more. Let’s, venturing to Rinca Island!

Actually there are many islands in NTT, which serve as a breeding ground of giant lizards, but only Komodo and Rinca are allowed to be visited by tourists, the other islands are only used for researchers who want to do research. Located in West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara, dragons live in four places are included in the Komodo National Park, the island of Komodo, Rinca, Gili Motang, and Nusa Kode. It takes about 2 hours away by boat to arrive at the entrance of Rinca Island, Loh Buaya or Crocodile Gulf of Labuhan Bajo.

The island has an area of ​​19 thousand hectares of dragon populations reached 2,318 tails. Although already reached the island of Rinca, there are also tourists who do not feel satisfied if it has not set foot on the island of Komodo. Rinca Island has stunning natural expanse. There is a three-meter statue of dragons not far from the pier. The scenery on the island of Rinca like in a desert savanna, although barren and arid but beautiful. However, it was not long barren landscape; the next many mangrove trees adorn this ancient dragon habitat. Once inside the gate of the “Welcome”, just a few meters from the entrance, the dragons have been welcomed. They are under the house and the kitchen of the ranger. The Komodo dragons was in this area because of the smell of food that provoke them gathered. Smell is very sharp predators.

Komodo able to smell up to a distance of 5 kilometers. For women who are menstruating please notify ranger, because it is very dangerous and should be kept within the group. There are a couple of tracks or routes that tourists can be selected, from the short tracks, was to longest. Each of these tracks is between 2-8 kilometers, and takes about 1-3 hours. In the middle of the track, a ranger will show Clutches. Clutches shaped hole with a depth of about 2 meters. This is where the giant lizards lay eggs.

pulau rinca 4

For those who like adventure challenge, advised to choose the longest track. Chances are you will encounter dragons of various sizes, as well as the larger course.

pulau rinca 6

After seeing the dragons, it is better not to miss even one inch of scenery and enjoy the charm of this island. We can go around the hills that surround Clutches to see the natural beauty in the island of Rinca. Its amazing sightseeing trip, I wonder if Rinca be a favorite tourist destination of travelers and able to compete with the beauty of the island of Komodo. A collection of rocks and weeds adds to its beauty. Especially if the weather is nice and the support will not be enough taste to explore the beauty of this island.


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